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Orkidgirl Silkylens


They say we can see part of the universe in our eyes. For all the questions and mysteries, one need to just look into the eyes of a person, to feel a connection. With Orkidgirl Softlens, be prepared

to be exquisitely seduced and charmed. 


One may ask, what is so different about Orkidgirl Silkylens compared to other lenses out there? In this ever-crowded consumerism society, how can one truly stand out? Sometimes, it’s about the philosophy of the brand that strikes a connection with its consumers. 


We at Orkidgirl believe that lenses should be comfortable and alluring that look both dreamy and confident while at the same time not compromising the health of our delicate eyes. 


You will never know what to expect from an Orkidgirl. Is she a rebel? Does she conforms to society? Truth is, just be who you want to be.

We are your best friend that’s cheering you from the side. True confidence comes from owning yourself. We want you to own yourself and stay true to who you are. Enhance your true self with Orkidgirl Silkylens. 

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Also, it does not hurt to wink at your crush and shoot your shots when you are wearing Orkidgirl Silkylens. Who can say no to those sparkling eyes? *Sending you good vibes*. 


With Orkidgirl Silkylens, your beauty will not only shine outwards through your eyes, but inwards to your soul.


Life is full of mysteries and sometimes it is ok not to know where things going to lead us. So just embrace life, do the best you can, keep learning, and persevere because good things will come your way and you have Orkidgirl to cheer on you.


Orkidgirl Silkylens are are made from high quality HEMA + Silicone-hydrogel to ensure comfort and durability with 40% water content (soft lens).

What is HEMA + Silicone-hydrogel  

HEMA Traditional soft hydrogel contact lenses made from HEMA polymers utilise plastics that contain variable amounts of water. Silicone-hydrogel contact lens are a popular choice for those with more sensitive eyes as they allow more oxygen to pass through than lenses with a regular hydrogel surface. They also have a higher oxygen transmission which means that eyes will stay fresh and healthy throughout the day.


The material of these lenses absorbs and locks in water, keeping your eyes hydrated so that they do not get dry as easily. 

What should the water content be for contact lenses?

The amount of water in contact lenses varies depending on the type of lens. For those who wear soft contact lenses, the water content ranges between 38 to 75 percent. 

Soft contact lenses are usually available in three categories: Low water content contact lenses containing less than 40 percent water, medium water content containing 50 to 60 percent water and high water content contact lenses containing more than 60 percent water. 

Orkidgirl Silkylens has a diameter of 14mm -14.5mm. This creates a natural looking iris without spill. 


The Base Curvature (B.C) of our lenses is 8.5mm to ensure a medium fit that fits any cornea and ensure a healthy supply of oxygen to the eyes. 

Orkidgirl Silkylens Series

Orkidgirl Silkylens Milky Series


In this series, we wanted to create milky looking eyes that is both creamy and sweet. Homage to our favourite drinks, Boba Tea, Matcha Green and Earl Grey. The highly pigmented milky contact lenses have a subtle darker outer ring which enhances the wearer’s eyes by creating a contrast between the milky colours and the iris. Perfect even for the lactose intolerant. 

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Orkidgirl Silkylens Gene Series


In this series we tried to mimic the iris as closely as possible. The patterns and colour overlays created by the gene series contact lenses creates an illusion of ‘I was born with it’ eyes. In this series we played with both X and Y chromosomes to represent the gene sequences in human DNA. Hence, Gene-X for grey eyes and Gene Brown-Y for brown eyes. Piercing and magnetic, you would have to look twice to tell if it’s real.

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Orkidgirl Silkylens Bombshell Series


In this series, we wanted natural looking iris for everyday wear. Bombshell contact lenses comes in Babe Brown and Cool Girl Grey. Babe Brown has a subtle dark brown outer ring that disperse into a beige brown inner iris with specks of dark brown to create a natural 2 tone iris that’s pure and seductive. Cool Girl Grey has a dark grey outer ring that disperse into a beige brown inner iris with specks of dark grey creating a natural looking 3 tone-coloured grey eyes that is nonchalant about what is hot as they are the trendsetters. Bombshell series plays on the pragmatic that makes the wearer’s eyes look innocent yet seductive. An absolute bombshell.

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